MasterMoneyTM Debit Cards

Use The MasterMoney™ Card Around The World!


With the Home State Bank MasterMoney™ Debit Card, you can forget about writing checks or carrying cash to pay for your purchases. The MasterMoney™ Card works like a check but with the ease of paying with cash or a credit card.

The MasterMoney™ Card is your automatic teller machine card which may be used for deposits, cash withdrawals or balance inquiries at all STAR® or CIRRUS® ATMs around the world! It can be used wherever you see the symbols for STAR®, CIRRUS® or MasterCard®.

Using your MasterMoney™ Card is safe because you are the only one who knows your Personal Identification Number (PIN) necessary to perform an ATM transaction …and you'll receive a validated receipt each and every time for your records. All ATM and Point-of-Sale (POS) activity is reflected on your monthly checking account statement.


At the more than 24 million locations worldwide that accept MasterCard®, you can use your MasterMoney™ Card just like a credit card. Purchases are charged electronically to your designated checking account much like a regular check would be processed. But …all you have to do is present your card, sign and retain a copy of the receipt to record in your checkbook. Each transaction will appear on your monthly checking account statement.

Even Better Than Your Existing ATM Card, Checks or Cash

  1. What makes my new Home State Bank MasterMoney™ Debit Card different from my existing ATM card?
    Your existing ATM card can only be used in ATMs (cash machines) and a limited number of stores. Your new MasterMoney™ Debit Card can be used not only in ATMs, but you can also use it like a check at over 17 million stores and other locations worldwide, wherever MasterCard® is accepted. So, your new MasterMoney™ Debit ATM Card works at all STAR® and CIRRUS® ATMs and all merchants that display the MasterCard®, STAR® or Maestro® logos.
  2. How does it work?
    Use it just like your existing ATM card when you're using a cash machine. Use it at stores and other places exactly the same way you use a credit card - just hand it to the clerk, give your card number to a telephone operator or write your card number on a mail order purchase form. The difference? It directly accesses your checking account.
  3. So it works kind of like a credit card. But, it's not a credit card, right?
    Right, it is not a credit card! When you use a credit card, you're borrowing money. With your MasterMoney™ Debit Card, you're simply using your checking account, same as when you write a check - no debts, no loans, no finance charges!
  4. Do I need a secret code to use it in stores?
    Not usually. Your secret code (Personal Identification Number - PIN) is not required unless you are using the card to perform a STAR® or Maestro® point-of-sale (POS) transaction or at an ATM to get cash, make a deposit or other ATM transaction. Your MasterMoney™ Debit Card functions exactly like a credit card in that a merchant will obtain authorization through a terminal or telephone, and then only your signature on a sales slip is required.
  5. What will my monthly statement look like?
    Same as always, it will list checks, ATM and point-of-sale (POS) transactions. Now, it will also include POS transactions for purchases using your MasterMoney™ Debit Card instead of checks.
  6. Can I still use my checks?
    Certainly. That's completely up to you. Once you see how much time you save when you use your new Home State Bank MasterMoney™ Debit Card, though, you may find yourself using checks less and less.
  7. Are there any spending limits?
    Yes. When you use your MasterMoney™ Debit Card like a check, you have different spending limits just like you have when you use a cash machine. (For details, see the MasterMoney™ Debit and ATM Card Agreement).
  8. What happens if I overdraw my checking account when I use my MasterMoneyTM Debit Card?
    Be very careful! Debit/ATM Card transaction misuse may disqualify your continued use of the Card. If you have enrolled in our Overdraft Privilege program and have authorized us to pay overdrafts within your Overdraft Privilege limit on ATM and everyday debit card transactions, you can expect to pay an NSF Paid Item Fee, just as if you overdrew your account with a check.
  9. When I use my new MasterMoneyTM Debit Card, are funds withdrawn immediately from my account?
    Probably not. The transaction takes time to clear your account. Just like checks, it takes two to five days on average. However, when the Card is used at an ATM or to perform a STAR® or Maestro® point-of-sale transaction, funds are withdrawn immediately. Regardless of the transaction, anytime you use your MasterMoney™ Debit Card, immediately deduct the amount from your check register to avoid an overdraft.
  10. Is there anything I should do before using my MasterMoney™ Debit Card for the first time?
    When you receive your new Home State Bank MasterMoney™ Debit Card, stop into one of our full service facilities to select your confidential PIN (Personal Identification Number) and to have your card activated. Because this is your new ATM card as well, simply cut up your existing card and dispose of it properly..
  11. What should I do if I lose my card or it is stolen?
    Call us immediately during regular banking hours at 815/459-2000 and ask for Banking Operations. After hours, call (866) 546-8273. By reporting a lost or stolen card to us immediately, you will limit your liability due to unauthorized use of your card. Refer to the endorsed Agreement for complete details.


More Questions?
Call our Personal Banking Department at 815-459-2000, and a representative will be happy to assist you.

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